The scope of services

The office offers a range of services within:

Administrative law cases:

  • Inspection and regulation of a legal status
  • Preparing documentation for administrative proceedings
  • Legal assistance in obtaining a building permit and occupancy permit, and other actions connected with investment proceedings
  • Legal representation before administrative authorities and Self-Government Appeal Court
  • Legal representation before province administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court
  • Drawing up opinions, appeals, and claims, and offering legal advices

Cases connected with economic relations:

  •  Current lawyer’s services for businessmen and individuals (help in fulfilling duties towards administrative authorities and courts, help in fulfilling other duties imposed on a company by legal regulations, e.g. preparing suitable resolutions of the body of the company and other necessary documents)
  • Negotiating, drawing up and verifying all kinds of trade agreements, carrying out changes in agreements and articles of association
  • Legal representation in judicial proceedings (in simplified and ordinary proceedings), proceedings to secure claims, and enforcement proceedings
  • Comprehensive legal services connected with vindication (undertaking actions in pre-trial proceedings – mediations with creditors and debtors, negotiating agreements, preparing calls for payment, judicial proceedings aiming to obtain a writ of execution – an order to pay or a sentence with an enforcement clause)
  • Opinions, legal advices, consultations concerning the regulations of economic relations
  •  Legal assistance in forming and registration a partnership (also legal representation in registration proceedings) and other businesses, foundations, associations (drawing up contracts and articles of association, bylaws of management boards, supervisory boards, meetings of shareholders, and general meetings, drawing up contracts between shareholders)
  • Legal assistance in joining and transforming the form of a legal entity, winding ups and bankruptcy of companies, conducting  proceedings for an arrangement with creditors, and reparative proceedings

Civil law cases and law on family relations:

  • Legal assistance in all kinds of vindications
  • Carrying out cases connected with the right of ownership, perpetual usufruct, servitude, usufruct, lien, and mortgage
  • Legal representation in insurance matters
  • Carrying out cases of contract law (cases for compensation, remedy, payment on a warranty or guarantee)
  • Trade negotiations
  • Legal representation in the course of amicable proceedings
  • Legal representation in the course of enforcement proceedings
  • Legal consulting and representation in the course of the family law and custody proceedings (carrying out cases of the distribution of joint property of spouses)

Law of inheritance:

·         Legal consulting and representation in legitime cases, confirmation of acquisition of inheritance, distribution of inheritance

Labour and social security lawcases:

  • Preparing and reviewing employment contracts, management contracts, non-competition agreements, and other documents connected with employment relationship
  • Legal consulting for choosing the most optimal establishment and dissolution of  employment relationships
  • Preparing work regulations, wage regulations, and other internal legal provisions
  • Legal representation in employment relationship disputes and disputes connected with social security
  • Legal consulting in cases of labour and social security law, and current interpretation of provisions
  • Services connected with conciliatory proceedings, legal representation of employees and employers in quarrels at law and other connected with labour law
  •  Reviewing activities in the scope of binding force of labour law connected with a dismissal of an employee